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Pest & Termite Inspections Armidale

At Mark Hayes Pest Management in Armadale, we specialise in pest inspections for home and business. Our treatments are proven to be safe and effective. We can tailor our pest control and management services to your situation. Call today to make a booking or discuss your requirements.
Pest inspection — Pest Inspections in Uralla, NSW

Termite Inspections

Termites are aggressive and invasive pests that can establish themselves within your building and cause untold damage without you realising it. Our team knows where they like to hide and is trained to spot their signs of activity. We also use specialised tools to detect termites inside walls and under floorboards.

We’ll take the time to inspect your property inside and out, including roof voids and subfloors, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report on our findings.
Installed external tamper proof rodent bait boxes — Pest Control in Uralla, NSW
Installing a Sentricon Always Active Termite Monitoring System

Termite Treatments

Using treatments like Termidor, Sentricon and XTerm, termites are baited and whole colonies can be wiped out. These systems are completely safe to use around water sources such as pools. If you’ve seen the insects themselves or the damage they leave, there could be a much bigger, hidden problem.

Protecting your building is too important for a half effort, but you can rest assured we have baited traps, external barriers, pesticide sprays and other treatments and techniques to eliminate termites and prevent their return.
Carrying out a pre-purchase inspection — Pest Control in Uralla, NSW
Carrying out a pre-purchase inspection

Pre-Purchase & End of Lease Inspections & Treatments

When buying property, it's important to have it professionally inspected for any signs of timber pest activity that could threaten your building's structural integrity.

If there is a termite or woodborer infestation or extensive damage, you need to know before you purchase the property. You may want to factor in the cost of addressing the pest problem and repairs or even withdraw your offer before the cooling off period expires.

We also have the industry contacts to help you engage a reputable building inspector.
Installing a Sentricon Always Active Termite Monitoring System — Pest Control in Uralla, NSW
Installed external tamper proof rodent bait boxes

Residential & Commercial Pest Control

Protect your home, investment or commercial and keep the hygeine standards of your premises high with ongoing pest management. Insects and vermin can do more than scare your family or customers, and they should be taken very seriously. They can damage soft furnishings, eat and contaminate foods and even damage structural elements of the building itself. We manage traps and baits, maintain chemical barriers and will even treat surfaces for fleas and remove wasp and bee hives to keep your property safe and inviting for everyone.