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Frequently asked questions

At Mark Hayes Pest Management, we have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge. Read our FAQ for answers to your pest queries or give us a call and book an inspection in the Armidale region today.

Q: Is my building at risk of termites?
A: Termites are active throughout mainland Australia, particularly on the coastal belt. If the framing of your house or any elements within it such as door frames, cupboards and railings are timber, you could be at risk. Even steel framed houses are not immune. Termites are always searching for more to eat, even when they have a stable food source. They are particularly active after rainfall, and if there is wood in your home it could be at risk. Our termite management services will protect your property regardless of its construction.
Q: How long does a pest inspection usually take?
Q: What are the signs that I need a pest inspection?
Q: How can I keep pests away?